Tasting Experiences


A variety of small wineries, adegas, with excellent, price winning wines are relatively close to Casa do Valle. Many offer visits and tastings that last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on the length of the visit and the quantity of wines tasted.

All of the vineyards and cellars that we suggest for you to visit are accessible by public transportation and have various beautiful hikes and bike routes around them to make it a full or a half day outing.

Let us help you with the planning of your wine tasting experience!

Sintra’s Colares wines

The unique characteristics of Sintra’s Colares wines are due to the combination of grape varieties, soil, and temperate and humid climate in the summer, and to the fact that the vineyards are installed on a sandy ground or dug deep down into hard soil.

The sandy soils protected the vines from phylloxera when the rest of Europe and Portugal was hit by the plague, which is why the Colares vineyards of the Ramisco grape variety, are among the oldest in Portugal, dating back from 1255.


The art of craft beer is gaining popularity in Sintra. New breweries and a large variety of good quality beers are emerging, and new establishments are opening doors, both in town and further out.

Why not indulge your taste buds and explore the hops of the local beers?  And why not make it a day and take a long hike or a bike ride in the countryside before it? Or enjoy a ride in the century old tram to your destination?

Enter this adventure through the world of craft beer. After all, there are many good beers in Sintra, as well as places to drink them (including a view of the Serra de Sintra).


The long, sugar-coated pillow-like almondy ‘travesseiros’; the famous cheese-based emblematic pastries; the cream-custard tarts with cinnamon on top; the soft, sponge-like, cream filled Fofos de Belas.

Sintra is famous for its pastries and full of fantastic coffee shops – and we can tell you where to get the real deal!  Visit one or all to indulge in your sweet experience.  Use our Pastry-Hunt walking Map for guidance.