How to get to Pena Palace: Important tips to enhance your visit

How to get to Pena Palace: Important tips to enhance your visit

The beautiful Pena Palace is the 2nd most visited monument in all of Portugal. The tickets to visit the inside of the Palace work with time slots, which you can acquire with our help at the reception, or online. Please notice that it is always best to purchase the tickets several days in advance, as they run out fast.


We want to alert you to the following:

• The Pena Palace and its gardens are located in the mountain, within the natural park. The palace itself is in the middle of the park, which is about 15–30-minute walk from the gates. These are accessible by public transportation (bus and taxi) or by foot; private cars are not allowed up the mountain.
• When purchasing the ticket, keep in mind that you have to be at the gates of the park at least 30 minutes before your chosen time slot, as the public transportation will leave you at the main gates and not at the entrance of the Palace;
• We strongly recommend that you enter through the Garden Gates instead of the main gates, to avoid crowds on your way to the palace (and the gardens are magnificent). This walk will be at least 30 minutes.


How to get to Pena Palace from Casa do Valle?

• If you are hiking from Casa do Valle to the Palace, it will take you up to an hour and a half to get to the gates of the park, and nearly two hours to the main gates;
• If you are going by taxi from Casa do Valle, it will take you about 30 minutes;
• If you prefer the bus, you can walk to the Historical Center, 500 meters from Casa do Valle, and take the bus 434 up to the Pena Palace. This option will take you at least one hour.

As our guest, we will happily assist you with planning your visit at check-in if needed. We can provide you with maps for your hike, or, alternatively, you can guide yourself through our free hiking app WalkSintra, which you can download on Google Play and the APP Store to follow the trail of the amazing hike to the Palace.