Creativity runs highest when you are out of your every-day space, and concentration is greater without normal daily interruptions. Our situation is perfect for an out of the office meeting and teambuilding.

The conservatory in the middle of the garden is perfect for meetings of up to 20 people.  We can prepare the space with large, pull-down screens, a projector and flipcharts, and arrange for coffee-breaks and meals.  You can choose from our range of activities the ones that best fit or challenge your team. Or If you would prefer something different, let us know, and we will help you organize it!

For a larger event, or if you simply prefer a larger space, our 6m*12m event tent is very versatile and functional.

Send us an email ( to let us know how we can help make your out-of-the office-meeting the best ever – and to enquire about our conditions.